Five Reasons To Join The Jamaica Travel Network

The Jamaica Travel Network is a Jamaican Agency that partners with Host Agencies and Travel Agents looking to book Jamaica and the Caribbean. Jamaica is one of the highest selling Caribbean Destinations with the highest in repeat visits. If your Travel Agency have Jamaica as a part of your client offerings, then it will do well for your business and will provide great value to your clients. We offer you Jamaica through an easy to use and comprehensive booking interface.Our mandate is to: 1. Increase Travel Agents’ earnings in Jamaica 2. Provide for sustained loyalty through continuous commissioning 3. Provide for travel agencies a booking portal focused solely on Jamaica.

We offer the highest commissions. We are able to do this because we bundle your offers as packages.Being local, we have the ability to bargain directly with local suppliers and pass on greater commissions to your Agencies.Traditionally, many tours are usually commissioned to travel agencies based solely on the entrance fees to the Tour sites or the cost of the tours. To increase your commissions we bundle these entrance fees with the required transportation cost and pay you commissions on this higher value. Also, because we have direct control over transportation we are able to offer you a greater commission from transfers booked with us. Additionally, these commissions increase as your number of bookings increase each month.Your agency may earn up to 20% commission on transfers booked within our network.

Realtime Commission Tracking. For host agencies, we are able to manage the commissions for your travel agents on your behalf. Commissions are tracked in real-time and assigned either directly to the Travel Agent or generally to your host agency depending on your instructions. This means zero work of reporting on your part. This improves your efficiency, and decreases your workload

Be a Destination Expert. One of our aims is to make every agency we work with, appear to be a Destination Expert to their clients. We offer your agencies support tools that will make your jobs easier and improve your Agency’s reputation. Our email marketing portal will allow you to feed local experiences to your potential clients for them to book experiences and for you to earn the commission.Our social media marketing platform offers a similar benefit to you in the local media space.Our group management tools allows you to manage group communications during event planning, collect from participants, and provide convenient payment plans

Get access to Curated Vacation Packages that are complete with Experiences and Airport Transfers. This allows your Agency to save time in creating Vacations Packages to fulfill your travelers needs. We host a curated list of Vacations that are a combination of accommodations and experiences that have provided great value for travelers in the past. Your agency will be able to deliver itineraries much faster and with a greater guarantee of the client satisfaction. The curation of these vacation packages is a continuous process for us and this allows us to deliver vacations on your behalf that suit the needs of your various customers. With these packages being readily available for your access you save a tremendous amount of time while delivering an immense value to your clients

The fifth and probably most important benefit of working with us is the concierge booking assistance system that we provide. With this system we assist you in creating even more unique client experiences. You may need such assistance for groups, corporate events, a particular special event, a wedding, or a discerning individual client with a desire for particular experiences. Being locally supported by over 800 travel affiliates in Jamaica, we are able to create the experiences needed for your clients satisfaction, and provide the logistic support to ensure a flawless delivery on your promise to your clients

Again our aim is
  • To make Travel Agents into Destination Experts for Jamaica
  • To Increase Travel Agents’ commissions
  • To provide for sustained loyalty through continuous commissioning
  • To provide travel agencies with a booking portal focused solely on Jamaica